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We started Advanced Healthcare Search to help you. Our personal, one-on-one approach pinpoints the position where you can thrive and grow; then our unique placement process helps you land the job. As a career management firm, we stay in touch throughout your working life to keep you informed of the opportunities that will help you move forward in your career.

Help Us and We’ll Help You

Who you know is often as important as what you know. When you share your referrals with us, you’ll be helping a colleague. You’ll also be helping yourself because we always remember who shared their connections with us. When the time is right, we’ll return the favor by helping you find your dream job in the healthcare field.

When you share referrals, you will receive a certificate for a 1-7 night(s) stay in a 4-star hotel (you get to choose from multiple destinations!).  Once a placement has been made with one of your referrals, you will get to choose between spending time at a tropical resort or cruising the tropics in style. 

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